Late last month, our friend Amin Qazi announced he’s stepping down as Unizin CEO. Amin led a bold mission to improve the technological foundation and competitiveness of the nonprofit organization’s 25 member schools. That mission included working with companies like ours to create a more inclusive environment for the students, faculty and administration at each school.
In addition, burgeoning partnerships with LoudCloud, Google, and NameCoach are positioning Unizin to continue to improve teaching and learning environments with digital technology. – Unizin press release, “Rob Lowden Appointed as Unizin Interim Executive Director”
The Unizin consortium of more than 900,000 students makes it one of the largest educational systems in America. As a company, we’re honored to integrate the technology we developed to help students, teachers and administrators correctly pronounce each others’ names and respect each others’ gender identities into the innovative and progressive digital technology initiatives Amin and his colleagues have instituted across the Unizin network.  And as a CEO, I’m personally proud of our association with leaders like Amin. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and will strive to continue the legacy he helped create.


– Praveen Shanbhag, CEO