Xavier University: People’s Names are a Central Part of Their Identity

As told to NameCoach by David Mengel, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Xavier University Xavier University works hard to create a community of individual learners. Our mission is to care for students as multifaceted individuals. Our challenge is making all of our students feel welcome, secure in their individual differences and effective in living and learning together as a community. Again and again we’re reminded that people’s [...]

Wellesley College: Creating an Inclusive Campus Environment Through Correct Name Pronunciation

As told to NameCoach by Ravi Ravishanker, CIO & Associate Provost, Wellesley College We are small, residential college for women. We try to provide the best education and overall experience that paves the way for young women to become world leaders. Our challenge is that we are a very small, liberal arts college. We take pride in knowing our students and giving them the best experience we can. [...]

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University of Dayton: Using NameCoach to Create an Environment of Inclusivity and Respect for Every Student

As told to NameCoach by Jennifer Creech, Registrar, University of Dayton Like most institutions, University of Dayton has an increasing population of international students. At graduation, we read every single name in alphabetical order. In the past, we would ask each student how to pronounce their name when they came to pick up their cap and gown. Then we’d hand write it on a piece of paper for [...]

Wish We’d Had NameCoach

The last school I taught at had a high percentage of immigrant and refugee students. This meant that many graduation ceremonies were cringe-worthy. Despite practice and notecards with phonetic hints, the administrator butchered the names of the majority of students. One year was particularly heinous. Not only did the announcer butcher most names, he did so multiple times in an attempt to get them right. That year, I [...]

Commencement Ceremony

The Academy Awards is one of the most glamorous and celebrated events in Hollywood. Millions of viewers tune in to watch as stars gather to celebrate major achievements in the film industry. For some of these actors, actresses, technicians, directors, and producers, it is the most momentous evening of their lives. In recent years, it has become a platform for celebrities and academy members to advocate for diverse [...]

Students on NameCoach at Foothill Commencement

The sustaining force for any team bringing a novel idea to life is sincere appreciation from its users. The NameCoach team loved seeing the wonderful feedback from students and faculty at the 2017 Foothill Commencement Ceremony. "Graduation is the highlight of a student's academic career and it was nice to be able to pronounce each student's name with confidence. NameCoach was a simple, easy-to-use tool that took very [...]

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Fun with Guest Announcing Names at Foothill College Opening Day

When President Nguyen asked me to announce the names of her new faculty and staff at the Foothill College Opening Day event, I was honored…but also apprehensive. I built the first version of NameCoach after my sister’s name was mangled at her commencement, because I knew that no one mispronounces a name intentionally - this type of thing can just be a tough job, especially given the brilliant [...]