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University of San Francisco: Preventing the Last Memory of College Being Someone Pronouncing Your Name Wrong

As told to NameCoach by Peggy Takahashi, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Programs Associate Dean, University of San Francisco Our job is to prepare our students for engaging careers in business. We’re a Jesuit school, so social justice is an important part of our mission. We look at our students’ education not just as a step to their career, but in terms of their whole life. That starts by [...]

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University of Dayton: Using NameCoach to Create an Environment of Inclusivity and Respect for Every Student

As told to NameCoach by Jennifer Creech, Registrar, University of Dayton Like most institutions, University of Dayton has an increasing population of international students. At graduation, we read every single name in alphabetical order. In the past, we would ask each student how to pronounce their name when they came to pick up their cap and gown. Then we’d hand write it on a piece of paper for [...]

Inclusion by the Numbers in Foothill College Classrooms

Institutions committed to improving Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion have always faced an interesting challenge. As efforts to promote diversity grow increasingly and measurably successful, the need to create inclusive environments for those diverse populations becomes more acute. How do we even start to measure progress towards that goal? Below is a snapshot of NameCoach usage at Foothill College as students and teachers met each other during the first [...]

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Q&A with Paul Schantz, California State University, Northridge

We recently had an opportunity to talk to Paul Schantz, Director, Web and Technology Services, Division of Student Affairs, California State University, Northridge, about how the university is using NameCoach to provide a more inclusive learning experience for its students. Can you tell me about CSUN? We’re a large institution with 40,000 students in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Close to half of our enrollment is Hispanic. [...]

Students on NameCoach at Foothill Commencement

The sustaining force for any team bringing a novel idea to life is sincere appreciation from its users. The NameCoach team loved seeing the wonderful feedback from students and faculty at the 2017 Foothill Commencement Ceremony. "Graduation is the highlight of a student's academic career and it was nice to be able to pronounce each student's name with confidence. NameCoach was a simple, easy-to-use tool that took very [...]

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